Friday, May 22, 2009

who am i ?

my name is reemas and i am 44 yrs old kuwaiti doctor.
married and a father of 4 boys and 1 daughter.
i made this blog so i can share what i like and dislike with everyone.
i am interested in technology, gadgets, internet, movies, photography، astronomy and cooking :)
feel free to share your opinions and views with me anytime.
welcome to my blog everybody.


  1. hi, why don't u use facebook instead to share ur thoughts with every one, i guess it would easier to communicate than here. Nice blog though. :)


  2. thanks alot dear for passing by. its an honor.
    and thanks for the suggestion.
    i will give it a thought and compare what i can do here and there and what i cant and then decide.
    thanks again for coming. :)