Friday, August 28, 2009

Nokia N900

My current mobile phone
is Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
which is the first touch screen phone by Nokia.
I liked it so much that
I decided my next phone will be its big brother Nokia N97

Then I saw this today :

Nokia N900

Nokia has just announced this phone
which has a new operating system called Maemo
which is a change from the usual symbian OS.
It is open-source Linux based
software that delivers a PC-like experience in mobile devices.
The specs of the device are powerful
and the new operating system has
multitasking capabilities and new browsing experience.
If you want to learn more about the features of
the device and the operating system then you can visit this site

I leave you now with this video which demonstrates some of the features

Hope you like it.


  1. Looks coool, but too complicated for me! I'm sticking with my BBM:p ew 3alaik bel 3afya!:)

  2. pretty-gene

    allah ey3afeej
    i think its gonna be much nicer than the BB.

  3. Another attempt to catch up with the undisputed leader in touch screen technology.....

  4. Bader

    hala bo m7ammad
    i agree with u about the the iphone being the undisputed leader of touch screen technology. there is no argument here.
    but i still cant find a better replacement for an old fashion hard keyboard.

  5. انا اقول ايفون واقطع
    جربت الــ N810 نفس هذا تقريبا
    بس مو تلفون تابلت
    نوكيا انتهت خلاص

  6. نمووول

    ننتظر و نشوف
    اللي يحسم المعركه هو البرامج
    وطبعا مازال الايفون ملك الموقف

  7. yea, i am on N900

    Powerful Devise so far...:)