Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Mobile Phone

As for my mobile phone:
it is nokia 5800 music express.
i find it really good.

i used to have nokia e61.. the best phone i ever had.
it was perfect but after using it for 2 years i felt it was getting old and looked gigantic.
i switched immediately to e71 once it was released. but didnt like it so much. font too small.. had some bugs and it kept restarting when i recieved calls.
then i decided to go for the 5800... the first touch-screen phone from nokia.. it is stable, simple to use and most functions can be used by one hand without stylus.. very important point to me.
i still miss the hard keyboard. and i am still looking for a worthy successor to my favorite e61.
Just 1 thought .. i don't know how nokia people are thinking .. i mean they named their first touch screen phone a very usual boring name 5800 music express ..!!! and the next break though touch screen phone with hard keyboard N97 !!?? what they were thinking ?? can't they just come up with a name for a new series like T-series (touch) and call those T1 and T2 or T10. we are soo confused already with the N-series numbers.


  1. do you recommend to go for the N97 or the i phone?

  2. for me i still miss the hard keyboard and i dont find the soft keyboard so practical. thus for my next phone im gonna go for either nokia N97 or a BB. but with the N97 u will get the convenience of both hard keyboard and touch screen.

  3. i am waiting for the N97 as well, i compared it with other devices ( such as xperia and iphone )and i found it has the features i need.

  4. a friend of mine has xperia and he is NOT happy with it at all.
    as for iphone , we better wait for the next upgrade and see. but still it wont be with hard keyboard.

  5. You should get the new E72, it has some amazing features and a trackball and a chat like the BB
    I never recommend any touch phones to people because they are not practical and you get bored with too quickly

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