Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome to Hell - Rowan Atkinson

We all know him as Mr. Bean, a character representing a child in a grown man's body.
But his funniest moments are when he demonstrates his ability to make you laugh in an intellectual way through his stand-up comedy shows.

Here are some of my favorites ... Please watch and judge for yourselves:

i also recommend the invisible man.


  1. The guy is silly but always manage to make me laugh :-P

  2. thats the idea.. he makes u laugh thru silliness.
    thx for passing by :)

  3. reemas u a guy !! loool 3ala bali bent :P

    Anyways just wanted to pass by ur blog ! oo keep it up !

  4. hala feej sul6ana .. thx for passing by,
    yes i am a guy.
    i hope u keep passing by and enjoy my posts.