Saturday, January 9, 2010

CES 2010

International Consumer Electronic Show (CES)
is one of the biggest electronic and technology shows in the world.
This year it opens as usual in Las Vagus from 7-10 January.
More than 140 different countries will be represented by
manufacturers that will attend the CES 2010.
200 conferences with 300 speakers will be held during this event.
If you are interested in what is new in the world of gadgets and technology
then this is the event to follow.

In this post I will briefly list the most important keywords in CES this year,
so you may have a glimpse of what new things
are released or will be in the near future.



3D TV and 3D blu-ray players are the news
for home theatre lovers.
3D TVs with new processors and 4k x 2k resolution
were announced to be ready for production
by manufacturers such as Toshiba, Samsung and LG.
3D cameras and video cameras were also demonstrated.

So are we gonna see 3D actors running around
in our living rooms ?


It all started with the e-ink then we got amazon's Kindle.
Now other manufacturers such as
Sony, Skiff and iriver has joined the club.
Other features were added to some models
like qwerty keyboards and browsing the web.

Are we seeing the end of paper books ??

انا من اول ما شفت كيندل في امازون
و انا اقول ليش ما يكون هذا كتاب الطالب الوحيد ؟
فكرة تستحق التطبيق
و مني للمسؤولين في وزارة التربية


Microsoft Keynote

I really feel sorry when I see a giant
company like Microsoft and all they do
is following rather than innovating.

They are introducing Bing, their new search engine.
Google is already here.
They are introducing Mediaroom.
Apple TV is already here.
They talked about the new XBox experience.
More online services and more new games.

They introduced Project Natal, which is
a new way of controlling the game with
the movement of the players body.
Well, to be fair that is the only innovation
they come up with, I guess.


Tablets or Slates

I think 2010 will be the year of the Tablets.
Every company is making one.
And the reason behind such rush in making them
is the strong rumors that Apple
is going to release one later in the month.
So everyone is trying to be ahead.


الحاضر الغائب

Apple was not present in CES physically.
But their influence was so obvious.
The rumors about a tablet by Apple
has obviously forced itself on other companies
to start making their own.
Another absentee was Google
with long-awaited 'Googlephone', the Nexus One,
which they decided to launch it later.


One more thought

We all know that the iphone has changed
the history of mobile phones making.
But could it also be the reason behind the end of laptops ?
iPhone has forced touch screens on everything.
And since I saw it along with ipod touch,
I said if I got an 11 or 13 inch ipod touch
who needs a laptop.
A strong rumor says that Apple is going to release a tablet.
Will it be the product that will kill the laptops ?
We will have to wait and see.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.
It does not cover everything because that will need 10s of posts.
But I mentioned what I thought is interesting.




  1. هاي ريماس

    أنا أخت فشه

    قالت لي إنه عندك آيفون وأنا توني شاريه آيفون وحدي مبتلشه فيه مادري متى بحطون له جيل بريك اللي عندي أيدد موديل وكل ما أصكه لازم أشبكه بالكمبيوتر إذا ببطله وأسوي جيل بريك عشان يشتغل :(

    وهالشهر إنشالله بشتري الآيماك لأني مليت من الويندوز

    والماك تابليت شكله حده عجيب

    والأمازون كيندل همن ودي أشتريه, لأنه في جم كتاب عندي بس بالكمبيوتر ولازم أقراهم وما أحب أجابل الكمبيوتر وايد

    بضيف مدونتك عندي بقائمة المدونات اللي أتابعا

    ماشالله المواضيع واحد حلوه

  2. My Book and Me

    هلا والله باخت فشه
    شرفتي المدونه و شرفتيني بزيارتج الاولى
    اولا مبروك الايفون
    انا ما حطيت الجيل بريك للحين و لا جربته
    و اذا حطيتيه ما تقدرين تسوين ابديت للايفون من النت

    طبعا احس اني مقيد شوي بدون الجيل بريك لانه كل شي لازم يتم عن طريق ايتونز

    بس انا حاليا مرتاح من الايفون ما عدا موضوع البلوتوث ماقدر ادز فايلات الا حق ايفون بس

    اما بالنسبه للتحويل للايماك فخطوة ممتازه ان شالله ما راح تندمين عليها
    و ان شالله راح يعجبج الابل
    و اذا تبين اي مساعده قوليلي لانه لازم في البدايه تضيعين شوي

    بالنسبه لكندل امازون ما يصلح لنا هني لانه يعتمد علي خدمة شراء الكتب بامريكا بس
    لكن بدت تطلع اجهزه مماثله و ما تتقيد بامريكا او خدمه معينه
    اذا لقيت ماركه معينه تصلح لنا راح اكتب عنها ان شالله

    و شكرا لاطرائج و اتشرف بمتابعتج لي

    و انا بعد اضفت مدونتج عندي


  3. على فكره صورة الماك تابلت اللي انا حاطها مجرد تخمين من المجلات
    و لا احد يعرف هل ابل راح تنتج تابلت و شلون راح يكون شكله للحين
    ننتظر و نشوف


  4. Too many cool stuff :)

    very creative , thaks reemas

    i will be waiting for the amazing book readers but i hope they thought of the battery life and the high temp. issues
    thanx bo3li for the update

  6. mr

    bo rashed
    the e-readers uses e-ink technology which does not consume lots of battery life. beside the screens are usually not backlit. they need ambient light same as any book. thats why it wont have a battery life or heating problems.