Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New iPhone App

I heard about this app from a friend
who happened to be in an Apple store in the states.
He asked one of the salesmen
where to pay for the stuff he got,
cause he didn't see any cashier stations.
The salesman took his iphone out of his pocket
scanned the stuff, got the total and asked for the credit card.
He swiped the credit card and asked my friend to sign
on the iphone with his finger.
Then he emailed him the receipt.
The only thing the salesman had to do
that the iphone can't
was to get my friend a plastic bag.

This application is called Square.
Have a look.

اهل فيلكا ما خلوا شي


  1. أي والله ما خلو شي

    عاد كل اللي ناقي إنهم يهتمون في مشكلة الباتري ويخلونه كلش ما يخلص الشحن ;P

  2. This is great I love the idea!

    This adds to the list of things blackberry cant do ;p

  3. is this new? Coz, I was in the states last summer and I bought from Apple store, there were some cashier around!

    9ij ma 5alaw shy :)

  4. على قولة بوعدنان في سيف العرب

    " بدا يغلط على الأهل"


  5. 5/4

    ان شالله
    بس المشكله ما راح يعدلون البطاريه الا في جهاز جديد

  6. طز بالرجالة

    اي والله
    عيدي الزياره

  7. Engineer A

    yeah it is new.. i don't remember which store he mentioned.

  8. Jako

    يبا مدح مدح
    ما نستغنى عن ولاية فيلكا

  9. ما خلوا شي
    انا بعد البطارية معذبتني
    4 ساعات استعمال متواصل وتنتهي


  10. نمووول
    انصحك بالكيس اللي شريته
    فيه بطاريه اضافيه
    مو شرط تحطه علي طول
    لكن خله معاك بالسياره
    لما تخلص بطارية الجهاز وصله بالكيس

    كتبت عنه من جم بوست

  11. نمووول

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