Monday, January 18, 2010

iPhone Case

Today i bought this case
for my iPhone.
I think it is a good solution for those
who complain about the battery life of the iPhone.

This 3 in 1 case is a protective cover and at the same time
an extra battery with a built in charger.
It comes with a mini USB cable that
enables you to charge and sync your iphone
without the need to remove it from the case,
and without the need for the white iphone cable.

There is a LED indicator of the charging status.

It costs only 20 KD at Alghanem.

The only problem with it as you can see
it doubles the size of your iphone.
So you are getting full protection with extra battery
at the cost of the bigger size and weight.

Life is about compromises.


  1. congrates dr. o zain etsawee coz el i-phone wayed 7sas o yabelah good protection

  2. its kewl mafe mna colors? mn wain 3ad?

  3. Engineer A

    thx engineera .. yeah it does. i liked the screen cover. its nice leather

  4. Chaotic posha

    انا ما شفت الا الاسود.. ما كان فيه لون ثاني
    شريته من الغانم اكسايت بالافنيوز

  5. أنا لحد الحين ما حطيت له حمايه حق الشاشه.. أبي شفافه اللي كلش ما تبين

    كنت حاطة له بس جنها منظرة و وايد دوختني ;P

    المصيبه الباتري حده أكس.. يعني لازم وين ما أروح وياي الشاحن, ولحد الحين بس أشحنه بالكمبيوتر

  6. 5/4

    حماية الشاشه الشفافه مهمه و تلقينها موجوده متوفره
    هذا حل اذا محتاجه بطاريه اضافيه
    مو شرط تحطين فيه الجهاز على طول بس خليه وياج بالسياره
    و وقت ما تحتاجين شحن بطاريه حطي الايفون فيه