Sunday, July 26, 2009

24 TV Series

I just finished watching season 5 of the TV series "24".
I started from season 1 till 5 and looking forward to watch season 6 & 7.
So far, 24 is the best TV series I watched recently because it was consistent in keeping its good level throughout the 5 seasons I watched.
I started earlier watching Lost, Heroes and Prison Break but after couple of seasons I just lost interest because they became so unwatchable for my taste and mind. Especially the idea of time travel in both Lost and Heroes made me scream "pleeeeeease respect my mind- have mercy on my mental abilities".
As for "24" I found it entertaining with good amount of tension.
Of course there
is repetition and some unrealistic scenes, but they are few and can be unnoticeable in the middle of all the action and tension that is building up.
I really needed a show like "24" which is just a simple hardcore classic action show with no 'out of this world' fiction that started invading every show or movie nowadays.

So tell me what is your favorite TV show these days ??

"do you understand the difference of dying for something and dying for nothing ? the only reason I fight so hard to stay alive in china was I didn't want to die for nothing.
Today I can die for something, my way, my choice. To be honest with you it will be a relief" .. Jack Bauer


  1. i have just started to watch The Sopranos .. madry etha shayfaa 3a6na rayek..!

    Thank you

  2. -mate
    hi mate and thank you for passing by. actually i never watched the sopranos although it had great reviews.
    after the godfather movies, i dont like watching any mafia related films.

  3. jako

    i never watched it. maybe cause i am married i am not supposed to be near a desperate house wives :p