Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ubuntu Operating System- My First Impression

I got fed up with the continuous complaints of my son Ali regarding his laptop. Viruses, hackers, stolen emails, slow performance and frequent need to format .. all are usual stories.
And I guess me and my son are not the only ones in the world who are fed up of vista and hates to live with windows problems.
So, I decided to move him away from windows.
And since apple laptops are expensive, buying him a macbook was not an option.
Suddenly my friend Waleed advised me to install ubuntu, a linux based operating system which is available to download for free!!
So I did.
It is available as an iso-file 700 MB in size ready to download and burn to a blank CD (NOT DVD).
Then you can have the option of either trying it while you keep windows or fully install it.
If you decide to install it, again you will have the option to install it on the whole hard disc after formatting it or install it in a partition along with windows for dual boot.
If you decide to use a partition installation
then you get a graphical interface where you can select the partition and change its volume.
I opt for full installation after formatting the whole HD.
Installation process went smooth with easy to follow instructions.
After restart you get ubuntu.
The layout is simple, easy to read and follow. It looks stable, fast and easy on the hardware.
At the beginning it was sooo basic. I think they kept it minimal so it fits onto a 700 MB blank CD.
We needed to make few set up clicks to choose the right drivers for the video card and sound card. Otherwise, everything was working ok.
BTW, my sons laptop is Dell Inspiron 1520.
Amazingly, the 700 MB ubuntu came preinstalled with firefox 3.0, messenger client, uTorrent, basic media player, photo browser with simple editing, open office and few games.
We found a long list of plug-ins included that you need to choose from to download, which will help you get arabic and more media supports.
After that, you are ready to go.
We downloaded a nice application called emesen, which is a messenger that supports arabic and has most of the msn functionality such as cam support and emoticons.
Still there are so many applications that need to be downloaded and tested.
I will or let Ali update you inshallah with our experience with the
As for my first impression, i think it is highly recommended to try it especially for net users who are worried about viruses and hackers.
I believe those who want to get rid of windows and find apple too expensive to go for ubuntu and they won't regret it.
Here is a link to their site where u can have a tour of the system. [Link]


  1. بصراحة.. تجربتك خلتني افكر بتجربته
    بس مو الحين لأن عندي وايد برامج احبها ومادري ان كان لها بديل او لا، خصوصا برامج الجرافيكس وبرمجة المواقع

  2. حياج الله اختي شرفتيني بزيارتج
    انا ما انصح باستخدام هالنظام للي يشتغلون في برامج خاصه مثل الجرافيكس و التصاميم الا بعد التاكد من توفرها على نظام اللينكس
    النظام هذا انصح فيه المستخدم العادي اللي ما يبي شي من الكمبيوتر غير تصفح النت و قراءه الايميلات و مشاهدة شوية ملتيميديا من صور و موسيقى و افلام
    و طبعا هو نظام ثابت و خفيف على الجهاز و آمن من الفابروسات و الهاكرز
    اما اللي يبي فوتوشوب فاضمن له يروح علي ويندوز او ماك