Friday, July 31, 2009

Man on Fire

Man on Fire
is one of the best movies I saw
for Denzel Washington.
The emotions in this film are so intense
fear vs. courage, sadness vs. laughter,
anger and hatred vs love.
Everything was so intense.
The filming is so realistic
which adds more to the intensity of the movie.

One more important thing I loved in this movie
was some of the best dialogue lines
I ever heard :

"Revenge is a meal best served cold"
"Forgiveness is between them and God...My job is to arrange the meeting."
"Creasy's art is death, and he is about to paint his masterpiece"
"A Promise To Protect. A Vow To Avenge"
"He'll deliver more justice in a weekend than ten years of your courts and tribunals."

Feel free to share your opinion with me


  1. هذا الممثل عجيب ..وإختيارات الجمل اللي بحوار الفيلم هم بعد جميله
    تحياتي لك

  2. Thats not a new movie, right? Because I believe I have seen it and yeah Denzel rocks!

  3. ام السعف و الليف
    حياج الله
    بصراحة الفيلم كان تركيبه رائعه من مخرج و ممثل و الطفله و السيناريو

    no its not new.. it is a 2004 movie but was recently shown in Mbc 4
    actually it's a remake of 1987 movie of the same title.

  4. i'll watch the movie and let u know what do I think ;)

  5. I looooveee this moviee!!! and I certainly LOVE Denzel he's an amaaazing actor! the movie is verry touching I watched it MANYY times..:)

  6. jellyfish

    i hope u like it .. waiting for ur opinion

  7. pretty-gene

    i totally agree with u ... in this movie denzel really kick some ass and make u feel good about it .
    the girl's face expressions are indescribable.
    it is touching.