Friday, July 3, 2009

American Idol

Today i will not talk about the talented candidates who appeared in american idol.. that will be in another post.
Today i will post for you the two greatest scenes i saw in american idol shows ever.

First the duet song between Celine Dion and Elvis Presley.
What an imagination ... What a couple

The second is when they hosted Robin Williams as the Russian idol. Hilarious

Enjoy :)


  1. والله طلعت سيلين ديون مشدقه وأنا ما أدري:)
    بس والله خوش إغنية وبالنسبه حق روبن ويليامز ما أحبه أحسه دايما معرق أحب إيدي ميرفي وستيف مارتن

  2. ههههه من مواليد ١٩٦٨
    خلاص راح احطلج ايدي ميرفي و لا يهمج

  3. Interesting picks you got here :-)

  4. um il sa3af wil leef
    حياج الله في اي وقت

    thx alot dear.. im honored.. i am trying to make it more interesting