Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thank You Ahmad

My son Ahmad was sitting beside me youtubing as usual (like father like son), when he suddenly got up went to a drawer and got the 3D glasses we had them after attending a 3D movie long time ago.
He put them on and started watching something on his laptop.
I asked him: what are you doing ?
and he said: Youtube 3D !!
what ?? Youtbe 3D ?? Thats new !
I put the glasses on and waaw.. its 3D on my laptop screen.
If you have one of those glasses go ahead and start watching.
The following embedded clip may not play properly here. Just click twice on it to go the youtube source page and start watching. Best if watched in full screen.

how long do u think till we start seeing youtube holograms ??


  1. Wow! I never knew about that! And I dont think I have 3D glasses hehehe

  2. إن شاء الله ..بجرب وأشوف ..مشكور أحمد

  3. this is very intresting!

    gotta chek it out n dig out my 3D glasses :D

  4. ansam
    there is a new 3D movie coming soon in kuwait cinemas.. i think u can get those glasses from there.

    um elsa3af
    Ahmad says anytime :)

    good luck and thanks for ur first visit. hope it wont be the last